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Tranzactii SAP - interval P

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Tranzactii SAP - interval P

Post by Bogdan » Tue Nov 15, 2011 12:01 am

Transaction code - Description of the transaction
P16B - Salary packaging (web)
P1B4 - Transfer table T588Z; infotype 4000
P1B7 - Conversion T750B
P1ET - Simulator of tax calculation
P1Q0 - Increment Progression
P2R0 - Letter of appointment
P2R1 - Release letter of appointment
P2R2 - Accept letter of appointment
P2R3 - Verify and hire applicant
P2R4 - Print letter of appointment
P2R8 - Display letter of appointment
P2R9 - Display letter of appointment
P3PR - 3PR Reconciliation Workbench
P4Q0 - Termination & Redundancy Organiser
P5DB4 - Construction; Maintain Cons.Sites
P5Q0 - Termination and redundancy organise
P6Q0 - Termination and redundancy workbenc
PA00 - Initial PA Master Data Menu
PA03 - Maintain Personnel Control Record
PA05 - Number range Maintenance: RP_COIFT
PA06 - Number range Maintenance: PD_SEQ_NR
PA07 - Number range Maintenance: RP_GARNEM
PA08 - Maintain Number range: RP_GARNSUB
PA09 - Number range Maintenance: HR_MMSRV
PA0A - Number range Maintenance: HRPERSON
PA10 - Personnel File
PA20 - Display HR Master Data
PA30 - Maintain HR Master Data
PA40 - Personnel Actions
PA41 - Change Entry/Leaving Date
PA42 - Fast Entry for Actions
PA48 - Hiring from non-SAP system
PA51 - Display Time Data
PA53 - Display Time Data
PA61 - Maintain Time Data
PA62 - List Entry of Additional Data
PA63 - Maintain Time Data
PA64 - Calendar Entry
PA70 - Fast Entry
PA71 - Fast Entry of Time Data
PA97 - Compensation administration - matri
PA98 - Compensation Administration
PA99 - Compensation Admin. - Release Repor
PAAH - Call Ad-Hoc Query
PAC0 - PC Editor: Initial screen
PAC5 - Maintain HR Master Data
PACA - PF Administration
PACB - PF account maintenance
PACC - PF debugger
PACE - Pension fund : Postings
PACEN - New posting maintenance
PACG - HR-CH-PF ESS-Online Simulation
PACK - HR-CH: Pension fund
PACN - Number range maint. for accounts
PACO - Account/Posting maintenance PF
PACP - Pension Fund; Interface
PACS - Applicant Evaluation PF
PACT - PC parameter maintenance
PAEP1 - Procedure for Single Records: PA
PAEP2 - Procedure for Final Results: PA
PAJP - Call Reporting Tree - Japan
PAKG - Adjustments workbench
PAKY - Adjustments Workbench (excl. adjust
PAL1 - Create Sales Representative
PAL2 - Display Sales Representative
PAL3 - Maintain Sales Representative
PAL4 - Create Buyer
PAL5 - Maintain Buyer
PAL6 - Display Buyer
PAR1 - Flexible Employee Data
PAR2 - Employee List
PAT1 - Personnel Administration Info Syste
PAUX - Adjustment Workbench
PAUY - Adjustment Workbench (retro proc.)
PAW1 - Who is who
PAZZ - Call Word interface
PB00 - Recruitment
PB04 - Number range Maintenance: RP_PAPL
PB10 - Init.entry of applicant master data
PB20 - Display applicant master data
PB2A - B2A Manager
PB30 - Maintain applicant master data
PB40 - Applicant actions
PB50 - Display Applicant Activities
PB60 - Maintain Applicant Activities
PB80 - Evaluate vacancies
PBA0 - Evaluate advertisements
PBA1 - Applicant index
PBA2 - List of applications
PBA3 - Applicant vacancy assignment list
PBA4 - Receipt of application
PBA5 - Recurring tasks: Print letters
PBA6 - Recurring tasks: Print letters
PBA7 - Recurring tasks: Data transfer
PBA8 - Recurring tasks: Transfer data
PBA9 - List of planned actions
PBAA - Evaluate recruitment instrument
PBAB - Maintain vacancy assignments
PBAC - Applicant statistics
PBAD - Recurring tasks: Print letters
PBAE - Applicant pool
PBAF - Vacancy assignment list
PBAG - Screening
PBAH - Decision
PBAI - All applicants via qualifications
PBAJ - Recruitment info system
PBAK - Recurring Tasks: Print Labels
PBAL - Bulk processing
PBAM - Variable Applicant List
PBAN - Ad Hoc Query
PBAP - Internal Applicants Via Quals
PBAQ - External Applicants Via Quals
PBAT - Choose SAPscript or WinWord
PBAU - Maintain T750C
PBAV - Display T750C
PBAW - Maintain T750B
PBAX - Display T750B
PBAY - Maintain T750X
PBAZ - Display T750X
PBW1 - Career Center
PBW2 - Application Status
PBW3 - Internet scenario for applicant
PBW4 - Assigned Applicants: OBSOLETE
PBW5 - Assigned Applicants: OBSOLETE
PBWW - Customizing standard text in WinWor
PC01 - Payroll Germany
PC02 - Area Menu Payroll for Switzerland
PC03 - Area Menu Payroll Austria
PC04 - Area menu Payroll - Spain
PC05 - Area menu - Payroll Netherlands
PC06 - Payroll Menu - France
PC07 - Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Kanada
PC08 - Area menu-payroll for Great Britain
PC09 - Area Menu-Payroll for Denmark
PC10 - Bereichsmenü - Abrechnung für USA
PC11 - Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Irland
PC12 - Area menu - Payroll for Belgium
PC13 - Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Austral
PC14 - Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Malaysi
PC15 - Area menu-payroll for Italy
PC16 - Area menu-payroll for South Africa
PC17 - Main menu for Venezuelan payroll
PC19 - Payroll for Portugal
PC20 - Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Norwege
PC22 - Payroll accounting for Japan
PC23 - Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Schwede
PC25 - Payroll Menu: Singapore
PC26 - Payroll for Thailand
PC27 - Payroll Accounting for Hong Kong
PC28 - Area menu - International payroll
PC29 - Area menu-Payroll acctg Argentina
PC32 - Area menu-Payroll Mexico
PC34 - Payroll Menu for Indonesia
PC37 - Payroll area menu for Brazil
PC41 - Payroll Korea
PC42 - Payroll menu for Taiwan
PC43 - Area menu-payroll for New Zealand
PC48 - Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Philipi
PC99 - Area menu - International payroll
PCA - Payment Cards
PCA_MC - Mass Encryption /Decryption
PCA_SC - Server Check
PCA0 - Production campaign menu
PCA1 - Creating a Production Campaign
PCA2 - Change Prod. Camp.: Initial Screen
PCA3 - Display Prod. Camp.: Initial Screen
PCC0 - Maintnce fam.rltd.bonuses Switz.
PCC1 - Maintain Swiss Payroll Units
PCCO - Production Campaign: Costs
PCCV - Payment Card: Field Grouping
PCKC - Consistency Check Constants
PCKY - Consistency Check Year-End
PCP0 - Edit posting runs
PDF0 - Convert form for remun.statement
PDF7 - Delete form in customer client
PDF8 - Copy form from SAP client
PDF9 - Copy forms within customer client
PDFA - Convert payroll journal form
PDN - Product Designer Workbench
PDNO - Number range Maintenance: FMPD
PDSY - HR Documentation Maintenance
PDT2 - HU creation in production
PDW1 - Create reporting time types
PDW2 - Create Quota Types for Reporting
PE00 - Starts Transactions PE01; PE02; PE0
PE01 - HR: Maintain Payroll Schemas
PE01N - Editor for Payroll Schemas
PE02 - HR: Maintain Calculation Rules
PE02N - Editor for PC rules
PE03 - HR: Features
PE04 - Creates Functions and Operations
PE50 - PE50
PE51 - HR form editor
PEPM - Profile Matchup
PEPMEN - Task level Menu for the PEP
PEPP - Profiles
PEST - Maintenance of process model
PEXP - Manage Expert Communities
PF02 - Cust. Test of Value-Based IM
PF05 - Number range Maintenance: HRSOBJECT
PFAC - Maintain Rule
PFAL - HR: ALE Distribution HR Master Data
PFCG - Role Maintenance
PFCP - Copy Workflow Tasks
PFCT - Task Catalog
PFDE - HR-PF: PC Editor
PFDF - FI Interface Pension Fund
PFDFP - HR-PF-FI: Check Customizing
PFDT - Overview of Insured Persons' Data
PFM2 - Period Monitor: Log Display
PFM4 - Period Monitor: Log Display
PFM5 - Period monitor - log display
PFOM - Maintain Assignment to SAP Org.Objs
PFOS - Display Assignment to SAP Org.Objs
PFSE - Start PFS from R/3 System
PFSM - Start Download of PFS Master Data
PFSO - User's Organizational Environment
PFT - Maintain Customer Task
PFTC - General Task Maintenance
PFTG - Maintain Task Group
PFTR - Standard Task for Transaction
PFTS - Standard Task
PFUD - User Master Data Reconciliation
PFWF - Maintain Workflow Task (Customer)
PFWS - Maintain Workflow Template
PGOM - Graphical Structure Maintenance
PI50 - Transfer selected R/2 orders
PI51 - Transfer current R/2 orders
PI60 - Transfer confirmations to R/2
PIMG - Display R/3 Plug In IMG
PIMN - Human Resources Information System
PJ02 - Change JIT Call
PJ03 - Display JIT Call
PJ04 - Display JIT Calls
PJNA - Message Output
PJNK1 - Create Condition: JIT Call
PJNK2 - Change Condition: JIT Call
PJNK3 - Display Condition: JIT Call
PJWE - Goods Receipt for JIT Call
PK00 - Kanban
PK01 - Create Control Cycle
PK02 - Change Control Cycle
PK02NR - Change Control Cycle
PK03 - Display Control Cycle
PK03NR - Display Control Cycle
PK07 - Kanban Calculation
PK08 - Check Kanban Calculation Result
PK11 - Plant Overview: Kanban
PK12 - Kanban Board: Supply Source View
PK12N - Kanban Board: Supply Source View
PK13 - Kanban Board: Demand Source View
PK13N - Kanban Board: Demand Source View
PK17 - Collective Kanban Print
PK18 - Evaluation Control Cycle/Kanban
PK21 - Change Kanban Container Status
PK22 - Kanban Quantity Signal
PK23 - Manual Kanban Creation
PK24 - Enter Customer KANBAN Call
PK31 - Container Correction
PK41 - Backflush KANBAN Orders
PK50 - Display Errors: Kanban
PK51 - Error Processing PDC Kanban
PK52 - Kanban Calculation Error Log
PK99 - Function Access via Transaction
PKBC - Chnge Container Status With Bar Cod
PKC1 - Process cost controlling
PKRF21 - Kanban Signal with Radio Frequency
PKRF22 - Quantity Signal with Radio Frequenc
PKRF23 - Event-Driven KANBAN Radio Frequency
PKRFBC - Kanban Barcode without Actual Qty
PKW1 - Kanban Board WWW
PL00 - Maintenance of Packing Instructions
PM01 - Enhance Infotypes
PM10 - Statements Selection
PM11 - Statements - Single Data Entry
PM12 - Statements - Fast Data Entry
PM13 - Statements - Print
PM20 - Statements with SAPscript
PMAH - HR-FPM: Access Ad Hoc Query
PMB0 - Position Management Plan Version
PMB1 - Change Overall Budget
PMB1I - Internet Scenario - Budget Info
PMB2 - Display Overall Budget
PMBA - Position Management Report Selectio
PMBC - Create Overall Budget
PMBD - Display Overall Budget
PMBF - Carry Forward Overall Budget
PMBM - Change Overall Budget
PMBP - Change Plan Status
PMBPI - Internet Scenario - Position Mgt
PMBS - Change Budget Status
PMBT - Tools for Report Selection
PMC1 - Check Consistency With Org. Mgt
PMEC - Change Employee
PMED - Display Employee
PMESIM - Manual Payroll Simulation
PMFD - Access HR-PFM via FM Account Assgmt
PMFM - Access HR-PFM via FM Account Assgmt
PMHS - Change Budget Status
PMIC - Consistency check with Funds Mgt
PMIMG - Access Customizing HR-FPM
PMJR - Derivatives Document Journal
PMLA - Create: Portfolio List
PMLB - Change: Portfolio List
PMLC - Display: Portfolio List
PMLD - Execute: Portfolio List
PMMF - Financing workbench
PMMN - HR Funds and Position Management
PMOC - Create Organization
PMOD - Display Organization
PMOF - Position List: Listed Options/Fut.
PMOF3 - Position List: Listed Derivatives
PMOF4 - Flow List: Listed Derivatives
PMOM - Change Organization
PMSI - Simulate Payroll Run
PMSV - Reversal of Margin Flows
PMUS - User-Specific Settings
PMVM - Calculate variation margin
PNZ3 - Pay Scale Reclassification NZ
PNZ4 - Pay Scale Increase NewZealand
PNZ5 - Pay Scale Inc. Extended NewZealand
PO01 - Maintain Work Center
PO01D - Display Work Center
PO02 - Maintain Training Program
PO02D - Display Training Program
PO03 - Maintain Job
PO03D - Display Job
PO04 - Maintain Business Event Type
PO04D - Display Business Event Type
PO05 - Maintain Business Event
PO05D - Display Business Event
PO06 - Maintain Location
PO06D - Display Location
PO07 - Maintain Resource
PO07D - Display Resource
PO08 - Maintain External Person
PO08D - Display External Person
PO09 - Maintain Business Event Group
PO09D - Display Business Event Group
PO10 - Maintain Organizational Unit
PO10D - Display Organizational Unit
PO11 - Maintain Qualification
PO11D - Display Qualification
PO12 - Maintain Resource Type
PO12D - Display Resource Type
PO13 - Maintain Position
PO13D - Display Position
PO14 - Maintain Task
PO14D - Display Task
PO15 - Maintain Company
PO15D - Display Company
PO16 - Maintain Services
PO16D - Display Service
PO17 - Maintain Requirements Profile
PO17D - Display Requirements Profile
PO18 - Maintain Resource 'Room'
PO18D - Display Resource Room
PO19 - Maintain External Instructor
PO19D - Display External Instructor
POD1 - Start Report RPU_UPDATE_IT118_46C
POD2 - Start Report RPLKGPD0PBS
POD3 - Start Report RPU_FILL_IT595_46C
POD4 - Start Report RPLOZPD0PBS
POD5 - Start Report RPU_UPDATE_DOZUL_46C
POF1 - Create Pkg Instruction Determinatio
POF2 - Change Pkg Instruction Determinatio
POF3 - Display Packing Instr. Determinatio
POFO1 - Create Portfolio
POFO2 - Change Portfolio
POFO3 - Display Portfolio
POFO31 - Portfolio: Create
POFO32 - Portfolio: Change
POFO33 - Portfolio: Display
POFO34 - Portfolio: Create with Reference
POI1 - Start Download of Master Data
POIL - View Received Data Log
POIM - Start Download of Master Data
POIT - Start Download of Transaction Data
POIU - Start Receiving Changes to Data
POP0 - Maintenance of Packing Instructions
POP1 - Create Packing Instruction
POP2 - Change Packing Instruction
POP3 - Display Packing Instruction
POP4 - Deletion flag undo for pack.instr.
POP5 - Determination of Pkg Instr. Use
POPT - Test Packing Instruction Master Dat
POTAB - Define Portfolio Tables
POTABC - Change Portfolio Tables
POTABD - Display Portfolio Tables
POTB - Parameters for OTB
PP01 - Maintain Plan Data (Menu-Guided)
PP02 - Maintain Plan Data (Open)
PP03 - Maintain Plan Data (Action-Based)
PP05 - Number ranges
PP06 - Number range Maintenance: HRADATA
PP23 - Reset Password
PP25 - Display Scenario Group
PP26 - Plan Scenario Administration
PP27 - Release plan scenario
PP28 - Create Scenario (Proj.Pay)
PP29 - Change Scenario Group
PP2B - Create Scenario (Basic Pay)
PP2D - Administer Payroll Results
PP2P - Create Scenario (PyrllRes.)
PP2U - Data Transfer to CO
PP30 - SAP Room Reservation Management
PP32 - SAP Room Reservations: Services
PP40 - Correspondence
PP60 - Display Shift Planning
PP61 - Change Shift Planning
PP62 - Display Requirements
PP63 - Change Requirements
PP64 - Choose Plan Version
PP65 - Edit Entry Object
PP66 - Shift Planning: Entry Profile
PP67 - Create Requirements
PP69 - Choose Text for Organizational Unit
PP6A - Personal Shift Plan
PP6B - Attendance List
PP6C - Undo Completed Target Plan
PP6I - Temp. Assgmt List for Shift Plannin
PP6U - Conversion Add'l Data HRPADNN/PADUZ
PP70 - Organizational Management
PP72 - Shift Planning
PP74 - Personnel Cost Planning
PP7S - Organizational Management
PP90 - Set up Organization
PPAD - Display Appraisals Catalog
PPCI - Copy Infotype
PPCJ - Create Infotype
PPCK - Enhance List Screen
PPCM - Enhance Infotype
PPCO - Organisational Plan: Initial Screen
PPCP - Career Planning
PPCT - Task Catalog
PPDM - Detail Maintenance Planning ITs
PPDPCS - Display Development Plan Catalog
PPDPHM - Change Development Plan History
PPDPHS - Display Development Plan History
PPDPIM - Change Individual Development Plan
PPDPIS - Display Individual Development Plan
PPECS - Convert iPPE Model
PPEM - PD: Display Organizational Structur
PPEPS - iPPE PS Interface
PPETI - Configuration Mode - Select. Screen
PPIS - Human Resources Information System
PPLB - Evaluate Careers
PPMDT - Manager's Desktop
PPME - Change Matrix Organization
PPMM - Personnel Planning
PPMS - Display Matrix Organization
PPO1 - Change Cost Center Assignment
PPO2 - Display Cost Center Assignment
PPO3 - Change Reporting Structure
PPO4 - Display Reporting Structure
PPO5 - Change attributes
PPO6 - Display attributes
PPOC - Create Organizational Plan
PPOCA - Create Attributes
PPOCE - Create Organization and Staffing
PPOCW - Create Org. and Staffing (WF)
PPOM - Maintain Organizational Plan
PPOMA - Change Attributes
PPOME - Change Organization and Staffing
PPOMW - Change Org. and Staffing (WF)
PPOS - Display Organizational Plan
PPOSA - Display attributes
PPOSE - Display organization and Staffing
PPOSW - Display Org. and Staffing (WF)
PPPD - Display Profile
PPPE - Area Menu: Personnel Development
PPPM - Change Profile
PPQ1 - Find Objects for Qualifications
PPQ2 - Find Objects for Requirements
PPQ3 - Find Objects for Profile
PPQD - Display Qualifications Catalog
PPRL - Change Material When Profile Delete
PPRP - Reporting: Personnel Development
PPRV - Change Material When Profile Change
PPSC - Create Structure
PPSM - Change Structure
PPSP - Succession Planning
PPSS - Display Structure
PPST - Structure Evaluation
PPUP - Settings: User Parameters
PQ01 - Actions for Work Center
PQ02 - Actions for Training Program
PQ03 - Actions for Job
PQ04 - Actions for Business Event Type
PQ06 - Actions for Location
PQ07 - Actions for Resource
PQ08 - Actions for External Person
PQ09 - Actions for Business Event Group
PQ10 - Actions for Organizational Unit
PQ12 - Actions for Resource Type
PQ13 - Actions for Position
PQ14 - Actions for Task
PQ15 - Actions for Company
PQ17 - Actions for Requirement Profiles
PQ18 - Actions for Resource Room
PQ19 - Actions for External Instructor
PQAH - Ad Hoc Query
PQLV - Australian Leave Processing
PQTO - Transaction for screen 2000
PR00 - Travel expenses
PR01 - Maintain (Old) Trip Data
PR02 - Travel Calendar
PR03 - Trip Advances
PR04 - Edit Weekly Reports
PR05 - Travel Expense Manager
PR10 - Number range Maint.: RP_REINR
PR11 - Number range maint.: HRTR_PDOC
PR20 - Create Trip
PR706Z - Copy T706Z -> T706Z1
PR71 - Customizing Coding Block 1701
PR72 - Customizing Coding Block 1702
PR73 - Customizing Coding Block 1703
PRAA - Automatic Vendor Maintenance
PRAP - Approval of Trips
PRC2 - Customizing Coding Block 1200
PRC7 - Customizing Coding Block 1700
PRCC - Import Credit Card Files
PRCCD - Display Credit Card Receipts
PRCCF - Generate File with Correct Trnsactn
PRCCT - Create Credit Card Clearing TestFil
PRCD - Delete/Copy Trip Countries
PRCO - Copy Trip Provision Variant
PRCR - Travel Expense PDs/FRs: Download
PRCT - Current Settings
PRCU - Check Printing USA
PRD1 - Create DME
PRDE - Delete Trip Prov.Variant
PRDH - Employees with Exceeded Trip Days
PRDX - Call Country Version DME Pre.Progra
PREC - Travel Expenses Accounting Program
PREP - Import Program for Per Diems
PREX - Create expense report
PRF0 - Standard Form
PRF1 - Summarized Form 1
PRF2 - Summarized Form 2
PRFAM - Maintain Price Families
PRFI - Posting to Financial Accounting
PRFW - Income-rel.Expenses Statement
PRHD - Maximum Value Delimitation for Meal
PRHH - Scale Maximum Amounts for Meals
PRHP - Scale Per Diems for Meals
PRICAT - PRICAT: Maintain mat. as per catalo
PRKE - Evaluation Program
PRMD - Maintain HR Master Data
PRML - Set Country Grouping via Dialog Box
PRMM - Personnel Actions
PRMS - Display HR Master Data
PRMT - Update Matchcode T
PROF - Profit Center Accounting
PRPD - Delimitation of Per Diems for Meals
PRPHUV - Print Profile Maintenance HU
PRPL - Create Travel Plan
PRPR - Parameter transf. to V_LEDRUCKPROF1
PRPY - Transfer to External Payroll
PRRL - Reset Trips to 'To be Accounted'
PRRQ - Create Travel Request
PRRW - Post Accounting Data
PRST - Period Statistics
PRT3 - Travel Expenses: Maintain Postings
PRTA - Overview of Travel Expense Reports
PRTC - Display Imported Documents
PRTE - Trip Details
PRTS - Overview of Trips
PRUL - Travel Expense PDs/FRs: Upload
PRVH - Scale Maximum Amounts for Meals
PRVP - Scale Per Diems for Meals
PRVT - VAT Recovery
PRWW - Expense Reports (Offline)
PSA00 - Activate PSA
PSA01 - Activate Rollup for PSC
PSA40 - Populate Cost Plans
PSA42 - Copy Plan Versions
PSA45 - Entitlement Plan Calculation
PSA45R - Entitlement Plan Calc. Reversal
PSA50 - Acutal Rollup to PSC tables
PSA55 - PSC Calculation Actual
PSA55R - PSC Calculation Reversal
PSA56 - Manual Transfers
PSA56R - Manual Transfers Reversal
PSA57 - Entitlement Transfers
PSA57R - Entitlement Transfers Reversal
PSA58 - Cost Adjustments
PSA58R - Cost Adjustments Reversal
PSA59 - Stock Adjustments
PSA59R - Stock Adjustments Reversal
PSA60 - Balance Carry Forward
PSA70 - JV Partner Entitlement
PSA71 - Statement of Storage Entitlement
PSA71U - Statement of Storage Entitlement/Up
PSA72 - PSC Master Data
PSA73 - Production Data with Adjustments
PSA74 - Lifting Data with Prices
PSA75 - Flat Prices
PSA76 - Adjustment Volumes
PSA77 - Partner Report
PSA78 - PSA Print Entitlement
PSA79 - Volumes by Volume Types
PSA81 - Maintain Daily Prices by PSC
PSA82 - Maintain Production Data
PSA83 - Daily Lifting Data Entry
PSA84 - Maintain Adjustment Data
PSA86 - Open PSC Periods
PSA90 - PSC Production Interface
PSA93 - PSA Malaysia Production Interface
PSA95 - PSA Split Lifting by PSC
PSARP1 - PSA document display
PSB0 - Generation quart.SI declarat.period
PSB1 - Generate Tax scales (B)
PSC0 - Set Plan Version Valid for Cost Pla
PSC40 - Rule Maintenance
PSC90 - PSC Volume Entry
PSC95 - PSC Production Interface
PSC96 - PSC Period Opening
PSCCA - PSC calculation
PSCREV - PSC calculation reversal
PSCRP1 - PSC document display
PSCRPT - psc report
PSCRU - PSC Rollup
PSCRUA - Activate Rollup for PSC
PSCTF - PSC Transfer Calculation
PSO0 - Set Plan Version for OrgManagement
PSO1 - Set Aspect for OrgManagement
PSO2 - PS System/Database Tools
PSO3 - Infotype Overview
PSO4 - Individual Infotype Maintenance
PSO5 - PD: Administration Tools
PSOA - Work Center Reporting
PSOC - Job Reporting
PSOG - OrgManagement General Reporting
PSOI - Tools Integration PA-PD
PSOO - Organizational Unit Reporting
PSOS - Position Reporting
PSOT - Task Reporting
PSSD - Check BNL flow types
PSV0 - Change / Display Resources
PSV1 - Dynamic Attendance Menu
PSV2 - Dynamic Business Event Menu
PSV3 - Dynamic Information Menu
PSV4 - Set Plan Version
PSV5 - Info: Attendances
PSV6 - Reporting: Business Events
PSV7 - Reporting: Resources
PSV8 - Create Attendee
PSV9 - Change / Display Attendee
PSVA - Set Aspect
PSVB - User-Specific Settings
PSVC - Training and Events:Current Setting
PSVE - Output Filter Business Events
PSVI - User-Defined Settings
PSVL - Set Business Event Language
PSVO - Change / Display Organizer
PSVP - Dynamic Planning Menu
PSVQ - Change / Display Organizer
PSVR - Dynamic Resource Menu
PSVS - Set Access
PSVT - Dynamic Tool Menu
PSW5 - Per.Repostgs in Actual for Projects
PSWB - Execute Per.Reposting Plan Projects
PT00 - Time Management
PT01 - Create Work Schedule
PT02 - Change Work Schedule
PT03 - Display Work Schedule
PT10 - Number range Maintenance: PTM_DOCNR
PT11 - Number range Maintenance: PTM_QUONR
PT12 - Number range Maintenance: HRAA_PDOC
PT40 - PDC Error Transaction
PT41 - Customizing CC1 Communication Param
PT42 - Supply Personnel Data
PT43 - Supply Master Data
PT44 - Upload Request
PT45 - Post Person Time Events
PT46 - Post Working Time Events
PT50 - Quota Overview
PT60 - Time Evaluation
PT61 - Time Statement
PT62 - Attendance List
PT63 - Personal Work Schedule
PT64 - Absence List
PT65 - Graphical Attendance/Abs. Overview
PT66 - Display Cluster B2
PT67 - Third-Party Payroll
PT68 - Activity Allocation
PT69 - Multiple Time Recording
PT70 - Time Management Info System
PT71 - Tool Selection for Time Management
PT80 - CC1: Manager
PT90 - Absences: Calendar View
PT91 - Absences: For Multiple Employees
PTE1 - Generate Batch Input Session
PTE2 - Process Batch Input Session
PTE3 - Reorganize Interface File
PTG1 - Maintain Qualifying Day Pattern (GB
PTG3 - Display Qualifying Day Pattern (GB)
PU00 - Delete Personnel Data
PU01 - Delete current payroll result
PU03 - Change Payroll Status
PU11 - Supplementary CS Benefits (D)
PU12 - Connection to Third-Party Payroll
PU19 - Tax Reporter
PU22 - HR Archiving
PU30 - Wage Type Maintenance
PU90 - Delete applicant data
PU95 - HR: Maintain Log. Views & WT Groups
PU96 - HR: Maintain Wage Type Groups
PU97 - HR: Logical View Maintenance
PU98 - Assign Wage Types to Groups
PUC0 - HR-CH: Maintain MA attributes
PUC9 - Reorganization of Infotype 0279
PUCA - PC administration for PF
PUCE - PC editor for PF
PUCF - PC Form Maintenance PF
PUCG - Global Funds Copier
PUCK - Entity copier for funds
PUCP - PC Parameter Maintenance for PF
PUCV - Entity copier for PC objects
PUCW - Maintenanace of HSC tasks for PF
PUFK - Form manager
PULT - Transport HR Tables for Logistics
PUOCBA - Off-Cycle-Batch: Subsequent Activit
PUOCBP - Off-cycle batch: Payroll follow-up
PUOCBR - Off-cycle batch: Replacement
PUOCLG - OC-Batch: Batch Table List
PUOCLL - OC: List of Replacements/Reversals
PUST - HR Process Workbench
PUST_2 - HR Process Workbench (Old)
PUU1 - BSI Test Tool 5.0
PUU2 - transaction of sapmpuu2
PUUG - Change remittance due date
PV00 - Book Attendance
PV01 - Rebook Attendance
PV02 - Prebook Attendance
PV03 - Replace Attendance
PV04 - Cancel Attendance
PV05 - Book List: Attendees/Business Event
PV06 - Prebook List: Attendees
PV07 - Book List: Attendees
PV08 - Book List: Business Events
PV09 - Plan Business Events
PV0I - Display Business Event Catalog
PV10 - Create Business Event with Resource
PV11 - Create Business Event w/o Resources
PV12 - Firmly Book / Cancel Business Event
PV14 - Lock / Unlock Business Event
PV15 - Follow Up Business Event
PV16 - Prebook List: Business Event Types
PV17 - Billing
PV18 - Activity Allocation
PV19 - Activity Allocation for Instructors
PV1A - Change Business Event
PV1B - Display Business Event
PV1C - Cost Transfer
PV1D - Price Proposal
PV1I - Attendee Bookings R/3 Users
PV1M - Materials Procurement
PV26 - Prebook List: Attendees/Event Types
PV2I - Attendee Bookings (Web Users)
PV32 - Create Appraisal
PV33 - Business Event Appraisal
PV34 - Attendee Appraisal
PV35 - Appraisal Conversion Program
PV3I - Book Attendance R/3 Users
PV4I - Book Attendance Web Users
PV5I - Cancel Attendance R/3 Users
PV6I - Cancel Attendance Web Users
PV7I - Training Center
PV8I - My Bookings
PVB0 - Business Event Budget
PVB1 - Create Business Event Budget
PVB2 - Display Business Event Budget
PVB3 - Change Business Event Budget
PVB6 - Initialize Business Event Budget
PVBA - Training & Events: Budget Compariso
PVBB - Change / Create Development Plan
PVCT - Master Data Catalog
PVD0 - Create/Change Business Event Type
PVDM - Maintain Dynamic Menus
PVF0 - Create/Change Location
PVF1 - Maintain Location
PVG0 - Create/Change Resource
PVG1 - Create/Change Room
PVG2 - Lock/Unlock Resource
PVG3 - Maintain Room
PVH0 - Create/Change External Instructor
PVH1 - Create/Change Instructor
PVH2 - Maintain External Person
PVK0 - Correspondence History
PVL0 - Create/Change Business Event Group
PVMN - Training and Event Management
PVR0 - Create/Change Resource Type
PVR1 - Maintain Room Equipment
PVU0 - Create/Change Company
PVU1 - Maintain Company
PVV0 - Create/Change Service
PW00 - Incentive Wages
PW01 - Maintain Incentive Wages Data
PW02 - Display Incentive Wages Data
PW03 - Record Incentive Wages Data
PW41 - Generate Batch Input Session
PW42 - Process Batch Input Session
PW43 - Reorganize Interface File
PW61 - Time leveling
PW62 - Employment Percentage
PW63 - Reassignment of Pay Scale Group
PW70 - Recalculate Indiv. Incentive Wages
PW71 - Recalculate Group Incentive Wages
PW72 - Remove leaving employee from group
PW74 - Delete time tickets from cluster L1
PW75 - Delete time tickets from cluster G1
PW80 - Incentive Wages: Current Settings
PW91 - Incentive Wages: Control Parameters
PW92 - Incentive Wages: User Exits
PW93 - Incentive Wages: Group Parameters
PW94 - Inc. Wages: Logistics Parameters
PWKC - Create Work Center Capacity IDoc
PWPC - Convert Column Framework
PYK0 - History of year end reporting runs
PYKT - Configuration Copier
PZ00 - ESS Start Menu
PZ01 - Who's Who
PZ01C - ESS Customizing for ESS Who's Who
PZ02 - Address
PZ03 - Bank Details
PZ04 - Time statement
PZ05 - Emergency Address
PZ07 - Participation Overview
PZ08 - Taxes
PZ09 - Time accounts
PZ10 - Tax Deductions Form (W-4)
PZ11 - Remuneration Statement
PZ12 - Family/Related Person
PZ14 - Enrollment
PZ15 - New Hire Data
PZ16 - Employment and Salary Verification
PZ17 - Work Schedule
PZ18 - Emergency Contact
PZ19 - ESS Time Management
PZ20 - Notification of Marriage
PZ21 - Employment Opportunities
PZ22 - Application status
PZ23 - My Preferences
PZ24 - Who's Who
PZ25 - ESS Australian Taxes
PZ26 - Organizational Chart
PZ27 - ESS Superannuation Australia
PZ28 - ESS Previous Employers
PZ29 - ESS External Bank Transfer Australi
PZ30 - My Photo
PZ31 - Advanced HR: Access Profile Maint.
PZ32 - Advanced HR: Profile Maintenance
PZ34 - ESS Time Management
PZ35 - Who's Who (Flow Logic)
PZ36 - ESS Change YEA (Korea)
PZ39 - Personal ID Information
PZ40 - FSA Claims
PZ41 - Capital Formation Germany
PZ42 - ESS Alternative Name
PZ43 - Retirement Benefits
PZ49 - Start ESS
PZ50 - Change Who's Who Data
PZ51 - ESS: Tax Thailand
PZ52 - ESS Change Address
PZ53 - ESS for Prior Service Public Sector
PZ54 - ESS for Leave Public Sector AU
PZ56 - Additional Personal Data
PZ60 - ESS benefit requests
PZ61 - Benefit request query report
PZ67 - ESS for Commuting Allowance
PZ80 - ESS Investment detls - IT585 -Sec80
PZ88 - ESS Investment detls - IT586 Sec88
PZFOTO - ESS Photo MiniApp (dummy)
PZLE - ESS Life Event (Dummy)
PZM0 - ESS Start Menu
PZM1 - ESS Start Menu 1
PZM2 - ESS Start Menu
PZPR - Password Reminder
PZSU53 - ESS Display Authorization Errors
PZUS - ESS General Settings
PZUSFB - ESS MiniApp Photograph/Birthday
PZWHOC - ESS Who's Who: Customizing

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